Synaptol is a very different type of treatment for ADHD (Attention Deficit Hyperactive Disorder) that is designed for treating both adults and children. It contains all-natural ingredients, unlike the far more common prescription medications.woman suffering adhd symptoms

These prescription formulas may well help children and adults who suffer from this unwanted disorder, but at the same time they can bring potentially serious side effects. So if there’s a more natural approach, I personally prefer to at least explore that option first.

And typically with products that are all-natural you generally don’t need to worry about side effects. And that seems to be ring very true in this case too.

ADHD Is Difficult To Diagnose

This disorder may not be thought of as one of the most common disorders affecting children today — but ADHD has unfortunately been steadily rising to the top of the class in terms of medical conditions they suffer from.

And from this start it’s now greatly spilling over to the adult population too with rapidly growing signs of ADHD symptoms in adults.

There is a however big problem in terms of understanding whether someone actually has ADHD. It’s in a child’s nature to be boisterous, disruptive and disorderly every now and then.

It is also accepted by many that children will have ‘difficult’ periods throughout their childhood. This is where they do not appear to listen to anything that is told them, either by parents or teachers, and trying to reason with them is sometimes virtually impossible.

So What Is Synaptol?

It is a homeopathic formula containing carefully selected ingredients which are targeted to reduce mood swings, and give a calming effect on the mind. It is also designed to reduce stress levels.
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Key Symptoms This Product Addresses

Some of the major symptoms ADHD sufferers show relate to three problem areas. These are; Hyperactivity, Inattentiveness and Concentration. The Synaptol ingredients address each of these problem areas individually, and also combine to offer other health benefits.

Each of the ingredients has been selected and combined to help one or more of the ADHD symptoms. These specific symptoms are:-

  • difficulty concentrating or listening
  • impulsive behavior and disorganisation
  • lack of attention; the inability to follow directions
  • forgetfulness; fidgeting, and hyperactivity
  • feeling anxious or anxiety in general

This combination can help improve the all-round condition of the sufferer, which in the case of a child, can mean less class disruption, greater interest spans, and an improvement in such things as their reading and writing skills. This is mainly because they are simply able to concentrate for longer periods.

Does Synaptol Work? Here’s Some Very Interesting Results

When comparing reviews of homeopathy against conventional medicine in the treatment of ADHD these figures surprise a lot of people:

Homeopathic remedies for ADD have been shown to provide 79% of sufferers with relief, whereas conventional medicine achieves a success rate of 65%

That’s quite a dramatic and surprising improvement on the conventional approach. These figures show that the use of an all-natural alternative treatment really can be effective when it comes to helping those with ADHD.

Let’s now review how Synaptol can help in terms of diet.


There is a strong feeling that what children eat can be a big contributing factor to ADHD symptoms, and a whole variety of different diets are suggested. Some parents find these highly beneficial.

But one of the problems is that patience and time is required to see how a child reacts to a new and different diet, and what changes you see in them.

It is important that your child accepts this new food and enjoys it. Just as importantly it will hopefully change their ADHD behavior for the better.

While you are working out which foods are beneficial for your child, and the ones which seem to aggravate the ADHD symptoms, Synaptol can also help in terms of nutrient supply.

woman says it worksThe formula contains vital organic nutrients which could be missing from your child’s diet due to our modern lifestyle and eating habits.

When this easy to swallow liquid is taken on a regular basis the manufacturers say it can also help to increase the user’s body cell detoxification process, for an all-round healthier body. And the results from stories like these are extremely encouraging.

Flexibility & An Open, Positive Mind

It is far easier said than achieved, but if you are a parent of a child suffering from ADHD (or you know an adult sufferer) you probably already know you need to be:-


The reason for saying this is that your child’s condition can change from time to time. This may relieve some problem areas, but open up new ones. Go with these changes, and fully understand the new challenges you need to overcome.

Open Minded

Don’t dismiss any suggestions in terms of diets, lifestyle changes, or different ways to encourage your child. An open mind leaves many possible avenues open in terms of improving your child’s condition.

Stay Positive

This can be so hard to maintain at times. Your child’s problems are worrying, wearing and they require great determination from you to help them progress. But publicly at least, you need to be their rock.

An All-Natural Treatment Is Worth Considering

There are lots of things you can try, and if something does not work, then please just try the next one. Because not everything works for everyone – that’s just the reality and complexity of the condition.

So if you are considering a new approach to help your child, the use of an all-natural formula like this is not a bad next step to try. I can’t guarantee it will really work for you, but it has worked extremely well for hundreds of other people.

Many users of Synaptol have found it to be very effective for treating both adults and children. Just read some of the success stories here. Sadly it doesn’t work for everyone, but for the many happy customers it has proved effective for, the lack of any unwanted side effects is just the icing on the cake.